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You do not need a referral.

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What to have ready on your first visit

Please note that you do not need a referral for your visit.

If you are planning to access Medicare funding such as the Mental Health Plan or the Chronic Disease Management Plan, please speak to your GP for a referral prior to the visit.  (If you are unsure whether you may be eligible, please give us a call for more information.)

It will be helpful to have any relevant reports from paediatricians, other therapists or teachers available at our visit.

If you are accessing funding through the Helping Children with Autism or Better Start initiatives, please have your funding letter readily accessible.

To make sure that we use our time most effectively, please ensure that the forms that we had emailed or posted out to you when you made the appointment have been completed as far as possible.

To find out more about what happens on a first visit please see our FAQs