School readiness

Just like you, we want your child to experience success in the first and crucial year of schooling.

We therefore want to partner with you, and where applicable, with your child’s current and future education staff to ensure your child has the necessary skills and support systems in place before he/she enters prep.

Every child is beautifully unique and as such we assess all relevant elements of your child’s development and then, in close collaboration with everyone involved, develop a carefully individualised program to build on your child’s strengths and to address areas of challenge.

The programs may include:
  • Social skills such as greetings, initiating and maintaining conversations, working and playing in groups
  • Language skills such as listening to instructions, sharing information with the group, asking for help
  • Early literacy and numeracy
  • Motor skills such as remaining seated, drawing and scissor skills
  • Completing tasks, including attending and concentrating, planning and sequencing steps
  • Following classroom rules and routines
  • Managing own lunchbox and belongings
  • Parent support and ideas